imageI like to describe myself as a Gentleman Neuroscientist (semi-retired) but truthfully my interests are broader. I like to find ways of using my whole brain.

My background is in science, specifically neuroscience. For many years I headed a research laboratory in the same hospital where the physician and palaeontologist James Parkinson (of Parkinson’s disease) had worked, where Hughlings Jackson had been such a leading light in the field of neurology and where Sir Frederick Treves had brought Joseph Merrick, The Elephant Man. I walked past his skeleton every morning on my way to my laboratory.

Although I’m no longer as active a researcher, I remain interested in science and scientists. Much of what I still do during the day is mostly analytical, deductive and logical. Left brain activity if you will. But that leaves a whole half of my brain untouched, champing at the bit. These pages are attempts to redress that, to cover the outlets for my right brain.

I have been making glass – stained-glass and fused forms – since 2003 when I took a City and Guilds course in stained-glass under the tuition of my good friend and wonderful artist Christine MacCormick. She taught me to see not just look.

I’ve been interested in photography for more than 30 years, using a wide range of cameras. Some of my thoughts and photographs can also be seen here on these pages.

I also write. About glass. About photography. And about Parkinson’s. And I always have a few writing projects on the go at the moment. My published books can be found here. I hope there will be more.

My Parkinson’s biosketch can be found here.

Have a look around. By all means write to me if you feel so inclined.

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