The dark side of Parkinson’s

For more than two centuries, Parkinson’s disease has been considered to be a movement disorder. Over the last decade or so it has been increasingly recognised to be more complex with many nonmotor aspects impinging upon the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s. Many nonmotor symptoms are also the result of the medications we are compelled to take in order to mitigate motor symptoms.

Many of these facets of Parkinson’s make for uncomfortable subject matter. For this reason, they are rarely discussed properly. Many are seen as embarrassing or shameful. Yet without discussion or awareness, they cannot be treated.

This page contains links to a series of short videos made in collaboration with the Norwegian filmmaker Anders Leines which touch upon these subjects.

Please be aware that these videos are frank and direct. If you are uncomfortable with the subject matter, please be warned.

The Dark Side of Parkinson’s – Series Trailer

The Dark Side of Parkinson’s – The Edge of Reality (hallucinations)