2007-135 'fiesta' panel 2007-136 light's splintered laughter - sold at SEOS 2007

Left/top: “Fiesta”, fused glass panel (35 x 25 cm)
Right/bottom: “Lights Splintered Laughter”, fused glass panel (40 x 30 cm)

Fusing is exactly what the name implies – the joining (a sort of glass welding) of pieces of glass with compatible coefficients of expansion into a single piece. Often a base clear glass is used, upon which coloured pieces may be layered. The panel is then carefully transferred to the kiln and fired. The temperature of the firing determines the extent of merging of coloured and base glass. Low temperatures, relatively speaking, produce a tack fuse where the pieces are joined but not fully integrated. This can produce wonderful surface textures. A full fuse creates a more blurred effect and integrates all the glass into a single flat panel. Both panels shown above are tack fused.